Support Services

Support Services

Many organizations do little more than find the total monthly charges on each invoice and pay the bill. We find that this goes on month after month within these organizations, with no reconciliation back to the contracted services or costs. While this can result in significant loss, employees may simply not have the knowledge or time to address the issues.

In this challenging high tech environment, businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce expense, while trying to focus on core activities. GNS has telecom and IT expert billing experience and knowledge to review your invoices and find the issues. We then fix the problems with the provider, make alternative recommendations if necessary and verify the results to make sure you are invoiced in accordance with your service agreements. When you do make service changes, we take responsibility for executing the changes you want to make and insure they are implemented properly and billed accurately.

SUPPORT-SERVICES--iStock_91554033_XXLARGELet GNS function as an economical extension of your staff, with expert knowledge in the following services:

  • Billing Audits
  • Expense Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Wireless Administration
  • Inventory documentation

Once all of your invoiced services are cleared of any billing problems and your service configurations are optimized, we continue to monitor your invoices on a regular basis. We then make sure new problems don’t appear and begin affecting your profitability. When any new problems are discovered, we will address them and make sure they are resolved as soon as possible so your costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

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