Networking & Video Services

Networking & Video Services

Internet Solutions

Businesses are relying heavily on fast internet usage for their daily operations. GNS offers dedicated internet solutions through our carrier partners that are much more robust than regular business class connections. Our dedicated internet solutions offer a private, non-shared connection with symmetrical upload and download speeds for optimal data transferring.

GNS offers a full range of bandwidth options to give you maximum flexibility; from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps. In limited areas, we even offer Dark Fiber. For businesses with mission critical data and zero tolerance for downtime, you’ll find our dedicated internet solutions get the job done. Our carrier partners offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) that guarantee you 99.99% uptime.


GNS is highly experienced in delivering a cost-efficient MPLS network that meets your business needs. We have implemented and project managed the deployment of many customer MPLS networks; ranging from 3 to well over 150 locations. We analyze the footprint of your business locations and match the best carrier solution for you based on price and serviceability. We also utilize voice over MPLS to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Backup Networks

For mission critical businesses, GNS also offers full backup solutions for your MPLS network. We routinely utilize cable modem access with IPsec tunnels into a secure MPLS carrier network. We also can provide an automatic fail over/fail back environment using BGP to achieve a worry-free, zero downtime connection to your network.

Cable TV Services

For our hospitality customers, GNS now offers free-to-guest cable or satellite TV solutions for hotels and vacation ownership organizations. Through our agreements with the leading providers, we can provide more competitive rates, along with a higher support level of service than you currently receive. In most areas, we are able to offer your free-to-guest TV, internet, and phone service all from the same provider. Utilizing the “triple play” maximizes your efficiency and reduces expense.

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