About Global Network Services


Global Network Services was founded in 1993 as a telecommunications agent providing long distance services to the hospitality industry. Since then, GNS has grown into an independent agent and provider of voice, data, and internet services to more than 700 accounts in 43 states across a variety of industries. We specialize in fully integrated voice, hosted services and traditional on-premise equipment options, along with large access fiber based internet solutions. GNS has implemented complex applications for individual and enterprise organizations including MPLS, Co-Location and Cloud based services, together with fully integrated IP telephony hardware and hosted services.

As a national provider of technology services representing all of the leading carriers, our customers appreciate the value-added services and comprehensive expertise we provide at no cost, while delivering the most competitively priced service programs in the industry.



  • Cost-free assessment of current service and rate plans
  • A detailed voice and data plan designed to lower costs and enhance performance
  • Assistance with system and hardware upgrades
  • Identification/mitigation of any current carrier billing errors
  • Implementation of more cost effective telecom and IT network programs
  • Telecom/IT invoice audits to insure correct contracted pricing
  • Maintenance of detailed customer inventories of GNS services


  1. Following an initial comprehensive assessment of existing voice/data plans and future service needs, multiple carrier programs are researched.
  2. GNS designs and engineers a solution focusing on the customer’s objectives.
  3. GNS’ solution is compared side-by-side to existing services to clearly demonstrate financial benefit and improved product offering.

GNS is experienced in all aspects of account management following solution implementation, and dedicated to providing exceptional customer support that is proactive, responsive and accountable.

For more information about getting started with GNS, please download our brochure that outlines all of the items we need to get started on your proposal today!